Venn Diagrams 79

It is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Lepus, which is Latin for “hare” . The nebula was discovered by astronomer John Venn in 1922, and it is also known as PK 231+4.1 .

Planetary nebulae are formed when a star, similar to our Sun, runs out of fuel and begins to shed its outer layers . The remaining core of the star, known as a white dwarf, is then exposed and emits ultraviolet radiation that ionizes the surrounding gas, causing it to glow .

Venn’s 79 is a bipolar nebula, meaning that it has two lobes of gas and dust that are roughly symmetrical . The nebula is also notable for its jet-like structures, which are thought to be caused by the interaction between the nebula and a binary companion star .

The distance between Venn’s 79 and Earth is not well established, but it is estimated to be around 5,000 light-years .

Venn Diagrams 79 image

Venn Diagrams 79