Worm Anatomy Diagram

Worm Anatomy A worms body is made up of many segments called ‘annuli’. The length of a worms body has muscles which contract and relax which enables the worm to move along a surface. The ‘annuli’ are covered in tiny hairs called ‘setae’ which help the worms movement.

Not necessarily in that order:) The worm has a pointed head and a slightly rounded body. The rings on its body are called segments. Earthworms have no protruding body parts making the worm very contour which enables them to pass through the soil with ease and to also squeeze in between tiny cracks.

Place earthworm in the dissecting tray & rinse off the excess preservative. Identify the dorsal side, which is the worm’s rounded top, and the ventral side, which is its flattened bottom. Turn the worm ventral side up, as shown in the earthworm anatomy diagram below. 3.