Pollination Diagram

Process of Pollination The process of pollination begins when the pollen grains from the respective flowers lands on the stigma and form a pollen tube with the style length, which connects both the stigma and ovary. After the completion of the pollen tube, the pollen grain starts transmitting sperm cells from the grain to the ovary.

All plants having flowers completely rely on pollination method for reproduction. There are 2 types of pollination – It is referred to as the primary type of pollination as it includes a single flower. Self-pollination occurs when pollen grains fall directly from anther into the stigma of the flower.

It is of two types, self-pollination and cross pollination. Type # 1. Self-Pollination: It is the transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma of same flower or to the different flower on the same plant. a. Autogamy: