Cloud Types Diagram

The main purpose of a Cloud Architecture Diagram is used to document the Cloud Computing Architecture for facilitating better communication among stakeholders. Each type of these Cloud Computing Architecture diagrams can visually depict the cloud components and the relationships between them.

Cloud Group and Height * High Clouds 5 – 13 km (16,000 – 43,000 f … Middle Clouds 2 – 7 km (7,000 – 23,000 f … Low Clouds Surface – 2 km (surface – 7,0 … Clouds with Vertical Growth Surface – 13 … 2 more rows …

Clouds are given different names based on their shape and their height in the sky. Some clouds are puffy like cotton while others are grey and uniform. Some clouds are near the ground, while others are near the top of the troposphere.The diagram on the right shows where different types of clouds are located in the sky.