Rock Cycle

The rock cycle is a concept of geology that describes the transition of rocks between the three rock types: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. The cycle outlines how each rock type can be converted to another rock type through geologic processes.

Steps of the Rock Cycle: How does it Work 1) Formation of Igneous Rock – Melting, Cooling, and Crystallization Magma, the molten rock present deep inside the earth, solidifies due to cooling and crystallizes to form a type of rock called igneous rocks.

The rock cycle is a series of processes that create and transform the types of rocks in … Active volcanoes like this one on Reunion Island—east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean—forms a type of igneous rock. Extrusive, or volcanic, igneous rocks are formed when molten hot material cools and solidifies. Photograph by Steve …

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