These are some Frequently Asked Questions about this service, with some answers.

What is Ygraph.com?

Ygraph.com is a micro-blogging website dedicated to sharing graphs, charts, frameworks, models and other forms of information in the visual form. Users post graphs and a short (500 character) description of the searchable content via notices which are then broadcasted to their friends, fans and followers. Users gain reputation while sharing their thoughts and ideas in the graphical format. Others may search for the entire database of graphs and charts, posted by the users.

We have created this website in an effort to provide dedicated search for graphs and charts while leveraging the new social media and micro-blogging tools. Our goal is to provide a crossover between the likes of Google and Twitter, while concentrating on graphs.

How can I optimize my search for graphs?

Try entering the most important keyword in the search for graphs field. If you are looking for a precise key phrase, consider entering your search request in quotation marks ("keyword1 keyword2"). Alternatively, you may also enter plus signs in between the keywords as in (keyword1 + keyword2).

Can I post notices (messages) without graphs?

Most certainly, however try to concentrate on graph related topics, such as explanations to various charts and models presented, etc. Lets keep this website dedicated to graphs and other consise forms of visual representation of information.